How Do I Change the WiFi Password?

Do you know how to change your WiFi password ?

Or you can not connect to the wireless internete because you do not know the password? . .

Your router’s wifi name and password usually come with a default wireless network name and password that is written on the back of your device or in the manual, but you can change the incoming Wi-Fi name and password from the router interface at any time.

When the wifi password is strong, it prevents your internet connection from unauthorized use, internet speed slowing problems and legitimate & hassle.
Because wifi password is kept in your router. You must to be connected to the router’s interface.

So , You have to learn the local ip address of your router.

It is very simple:
first open “run” and type in Cmd and press enter.

cmd command

This will display the ip address that the router and our computer received from the router by typing IPCONFIG command in the black screen.

Default Gateway

This command allows you to enter the interface of your router. In the above picture, you should write the part that says ROUTER IP ADDRESS in the address bar of the browser (internet explorer, chrome, mozilla) as shown in the picture above.

To access the Router Interface, you need to enter or ip addresses.

Now type the router ip address written on the black screen above in the address bar and press enter.

At this stage, the username and password screen of the router will come up against you.

If you have not changed the password before There is a username and password in the Router user guide and you can access the router interface by entering it.

You can learn or router’s brand and model information and username and password here.

You can learn how to reset the router password (reset to factory settings) if you have changed router interface login password and you have not changed.

Here you can change your router’s Wi-Fi Name and Password.

Since the interfaces of the Routers include different designs, I will give you general information at this stage as well.

1 – Depending on the router interface, it may differ ; names such as “Wifi”, “Wireless” or “Wireless Network.”

2 – The name that you see in the “Network Name” or “SSID” field is the name of your wireless network.

3 – for WiFi password, you can write a strong password consisting of long characters by choosing the key (eg wpa / spk) in the” encryption

4 – Last step You can save the changes by pressing the” apply “and” save “button.