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wifi password change

Wifi Password Recovery

If you have forgotten or want to change your wireless password, you can perform wifi password recovery in a short time by the method I will tell you. How do I access the modem Method one: If you have previously changed your wireless password and cannot remember it, you can use the standard wireless password […]

How to Reset a Router?

Resetting router procedures (Factory defaults) 1 – Device is closed by pressing On/Off switch. 2 – Reset button is holded presssed 3-5 seconds when the device is off Router reset button 3 – While holding reset button is pressed , The device must be opened via pressing ON/OFF switch 4 – Until all lights of the device will be OFF and […]

How Do I Change the WiFi Password?

Do you know how to change your WiFi password ? Or you can not connect to the wireless internete because you do not know the password? . . Your router’s wifi name and password usually come with a default wireless network name and password that is written on the back of your device or in […]