How to Reset a Router?

Resetting router procedures (Factory defaults)
1 – Device is closed by pressing On/Off switch.

2 – Reset button is holded presssed 3-5 seconds when the device is off

Router reset button

3 – While holding reset button is pressed , The device must be opened via pressing ON/OFF switch

4 – Until all lights of the device will be OFF and ON again, reset button must be holded pressed. (20 seconds)

5 – Wait until the “power” and “dsl” lights is constantly ON

6 – OPEN the internet explore , CLICK address bar and write or  to access router’s interface screen.

7 – Default username and password is entered. (Factory setting)

Note :
To be able to perform the reset operation successfully, reset button must be holded pressed   ( steps 1 and 4 ), otherwise the reset will not occur. Please note that after resetting, all settings on the router will be cleared and the settings will be reset to factory settings.

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