How to Reset a Router?

Resetting router procedures (Factory defaults)
1 – Device is closed by pressing On/Off switch.

2 – Reset button is holded presssed 3-5 seconds when the device is off

Router reset button

3 – While holding reset button is pressed , The device must be opened via pressing ON/OFF switch

4 – Until all lights of the device will be OFF and ON again, reset button must be holded pressed. (20 seconds)

5 – Wait until the “power” and “dsl” lights is constantly ON

6 – OPEN the internet explore , CLICK address bar and write or  to access router’s interface screen.

7 – Default username and password is entered. (Factory setting)

Note :
To be able to perform the reset operation successfully, reset button must be holded pressed   ( steps 1 and 4 ), otherwise the reset will not occur. Please note that after resetting, all settings on the router will be cleared and the settings will be reset to factory settings.

Default Router Username and Password List

Check any router's username and password from the list below:

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