wifi password change

Wifi Password Recovery

If you have forgotten or want to change your wireless password, you can perform wifi password recovery in a short time by the method I will tell you.

How do I access the modem

Method one:

If you have previously changed your wireless password and cannot remember it, you can use the standard wireless password written at the bottom of your modem to switch your modem to the factory settings as a quick solution.

wifi password change
Wifi Password Recovery

Method two:

You can rearrange your wireless name and password by entering the modem interface. To do this, you first need to know the IP number that you will use for modem access. To do this, in the Windows environment, type “ipconfig” in the Start-Run or command prompt and press enter. The ip number in front of the Default gateway line on the corresponding screen is the ip number you use to access your modem.

How to change wifi password

Enter this rope number in the address bar of your internet browser and press enter. Enter your username and password to enter the modem. This information can be found at  http://www.wifipasswordchange.com/default-modem-router-ip-address-and-passwords-list.html.

You can record Wifi password recovery from the wireless menu in the modem interface.

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